Architectural Fabrics for Innovative and Expressive Designs

As an architect, aesthetics and design are of the utmost importance to you and your project. Choose from a wide array of high-quality Shelter-Rite® products with the fabric properties you need to bring your vision to life.

Fabric Properties

Top Coats, Colors & Translucency

Aesthetics make or break projects. That's why Seaman Corporation offers the broadest line of top finishes—each providing the additional protection against the elements your structures need to look their best immediately and well into the future. Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics also come in a wide variety of color options and can even be custom color-matched.

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Weather & UV Resistance

A critical performance factor in assuring a long-lasting structure is the ultraviolet (UV) light and weathering resistance of the synthetic resin-coated polyester fabric. Any building material exposed to the sunlight, wind, rain, snow and air-borne pollutants will exhibit some form of degradation over time. The principle in extending the life of a structure is to maintain the tensile strength of the base fabric. Shelter-Rite’s proprietary coatings are weather resistant and protect the base fabric from UV light.

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Fungus & Mildew Resistance

Fungus growth on an architectural fabric cannot only be an aesthetic problem but can lead to structural problems with the material. Frequently, fungus growth on a structure begins with a collection of dirt on the surface of the material. To minimize the potential problems in Shelter-Rite fabrics, we incorporate a fungicide into Shelter-Rite coating compounds. A top coating system to reduce dirt collection on the material is also used to combat these fungal attacks.

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Find Your Solution by Structure Type

Shelter-Rite provides the high-performing fabrics architects need for their air-supported dome, pre-engineered frame, tent and tensile fabric structures.

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Shelter-Rite Products

We’ve developed proprietary formulations, knits, weaves and coated fabrics to ensure your project is covered from every angle.

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