Choose to Make Your Architectural Fabric Structures Extraordinary

No matter the scope or size of your project, you can rely on our expertise and superior products to help you create a structure that deserves to be marveled at. We can meet the architectural fabric needs demanded by a variety of applications and structures.


Shelter-Rite® architectural fabrics are the world leader in high-performance coated fabric used to create year-round, climate-controlled, air-supported structures that house multipurpose sports and industrial facilities.

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Frame structures have internal metal frames and an architectural fabric skin that's stretched over or attached to the metal frame. The architectural fabrics we use can complement a diverse assortment of structural designs and colors.

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Custom-Designed Tension

Tensile fabric structures often involve custom-designed, three-dimensional shapes. These high-profile structures also typically utilize a high-performance fluoropolymer top-coating system.

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tent circleTent

Shelter-Rite Tent fabric is a lighter-weight coated fabric used for clearspan tents and offers the exceptional strength you experience with long-term fabric structures.

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