High-Quality Architectural Fabrics That Make Your Structures Stand Out

No matter your role, you can rely on our expertise and superior products to help you excel and lead the way on your project. We can meet the architectural fabric needs demanded by every member of the project team. Select the role below to learn more about fabric properties, applications and products relevant to your job function.


Choose from an array of design options and products with proven performance. Our PVC-coated fabric is weather-resistant, which means you can bring your vision to life and know that it will last.

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Building Owners

Create a long-lasting flame-resistant fabric structure you can be proud of that also helps you meet your ROI goals.

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Install PVC-coated fabrics with superior tear resistance to minimize risk and ensure your projects meet regulatory compliance.

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Gain peace of mind by relying on high-quality fabrics with optimal coating adhesion, tensile strength, flame resistance and more.

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