Broadest Selection of High Performance Top Finishes

For added protection from the elements, Seaman Corporation offers the broadest line of top finishes featuring Shelter-Rite Brite fluoropolymer technology. Shelter-Rite Brite, featuring Tedlar and Kynar top finishes, are highly engineered architectural fabrics that offer long-term cleanability and color stability. Both top finishes are industry tested and proven to provide superior protection against the elements, including UV light and dirt.

Shelter-Rite® Brite™

Tedlar® Fluoropolymer White Film


Tedlar is the most proven top finish with a track record of over 30 years on Shelter-Rite Architectural fabrics. Also known for its superior performance in vinyl siding and architectural shingles, Tedlar provides a high performance, long-term durable surface for excellent weathering resistance and color fastness. Tedlar, a 1 mil Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF) film, is based on Teflon® technology, and naturally resists dirt accumulation, and is essentially self-cleaning.

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Kynar® High End Exterior Coating


Kynar® topcoat has earned a reputation of maintaining a like-new appearance on many building envelope applications since 1965, with the most noteworthy applications being white or colored metal roofs. The very low surface energy and low coefficient of friction of the Kynar based coating resists soiling as compared to standard PVDF finishes. Kynar's unique chemical formulation also maintains its color during the life of the membrane. In laboratory tests on coated fabric, a 1 mil Kynar resin top finish performs comparably to Tedlar.

The molecular structure of Kynar resin fluoropolymer top finishes, as well as the percent weight of resin content, determines the overall performance characteristics.

Other Shelter-Rite Top Finishes

PVDF Top Finish


Standard PVDF top finish systems are well established and recognized in the architectural market. The weldable PVDF finish is considered superior to the acrylic system and will provide acceptable resistance to environmental exposure. PVDF top finishes contains a significant amount of acrylic, which is susceptible to long-term water exposure and UV degradation. PVDF will provide for adequate performance in applications in which the Tedlar or Kynar performance properties are not warranted.

The 0.3 to 0.6 mils, non-pigmented top finish can be placed on the face and back side of the material for overall clean-ability and improved performance of the architectural fabric.

Acrylic Top Finish


These time-tested translucent acrylic systems, typically 0.1 to 0.3 mil thickness, help to block the modifiers used in architectural fabric from reaching the surface; thereby, inhibiting dirt collection.


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