Expand the Potential of Your Fabric Tent Structure

If you're looking for a lighter-weight, clearspan fabric for your rental tent or permanent frame structure applications that's just as strong as heavier fabrics, Shelter-Rite® Tent™ is your solution.

Because Shelter-Rite Tent is 20% lighter than the industry standard, it's easier to handle, which leads to:

  • Faster installation
  • Decreased worker fatigue
  • Less wear and tear during handling

Shelter-Rite Tent Features & Specifications

Designed with aesthetics in mind, its easy-to-clean surface makes Shelter-Rite Tent the right choice for weddings, trade shows, concerts and sporting events.

Made, stocked and serviced in the U.S., Shelter-Rite Tent is:

  • Lighter-weight for easy handling
  • Customizable
  • Available in rolls
  • Able to be made in short runs of custom colors

The fact that Shelter-Rite Tent material is manufactured in the United States means even the most custom products ship in a matter of weeks.


Shelter-Rite Products for Tent Structures


Fabric Properties

Before choosing a fabric for your tent structure, you should understand all of the performance properties delivered by Shelter-Rite products.

Learn about Shelter-Rite fabric performance properties.

Top Coats, Colors & Translucency

Shelter-Rite Tent comes in white opaque but is also available in custom colors for orders as small as 500 yards of fabric.

Explore Shelter-Rite colors and top finishes.