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Shelter-Rite Provides Shelter from the Sun

Shelter-Rite on Aug 3, 2016 2:10:56 PM

The Christmas Run pool in Wooster used Shelter-Rite® Style 8028 with a Tedlar top finish to create a small, poolside awning.

Christmas Run Pool | Wooster, OH


Client: Christmas Run Pool
Fabric: Shelter-Rite Style 8028 polyester reinforced PVC fabric with Tedlar Top Finish by Seaman Corporation


In response to the needs of the local community, Seaman Corporation was delighted to collaborate with the Christmas Run pool in Wooster, OH, to provide an effective and economical solution for additional shaded space. The project aimed to enhance the poolside experience, particularly during the peak summer hours when relief from the sun becomes crucial.

The chosen solution involved the implementation of Shelter-Rite® Style 8028, a versatile architectural fabric known for its durability and performance. To further enhance its capabilities, the fabric was treated with a Tedlar top finish, ensuring optimal protection against environmental elements and extending its lifespan. This combination of Shelter-Rite fabric and Tedlar top finish not only provides essential shade but also offers a cost-effective and practical solution for creating a comfortable space for local children and community members.

The poolside awning, crafted from Shelter-Rite fabric, covers a designated area of bleachers. This thoughtful addition serves as a shaded retreat, allowing local children to enjoy a respite from the sun's intensity during the warm summer months. Beyond providing relief, the shaded space is poised to become an ideal setting for outdoor classes and various poolside activities, further enhancing the versatility and usability of the pool area.

Seaman Corporation's commitment to offering cost-effective solutions aligns seamlessly with the community's needs. The collaborative effort with the Christmas Run pool exemplifies how innovative architectural fabrics can be employed to address specific requirements, contributing to the enhancement of public spaces and community well-being.

Seaman Corporation, manufactures Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics. Made in the USA,  Shelter-Rite® leads the industry in modern materials and methods, producing high performance architectural fabrics for over 70 years. A vertically integrated company, Seaman Corporation develops proprietary formulations, knits, weaves, and coats fabric in two Wooster, OH and Bristol, TN.

Topics: Municipal, Size Range 1: Small, Athletic

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