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Minimum Specifications

Base Fabric Type

Standard: Polyester
Metric: Polyester

Base Fabric Weight (nominal)

Standard: 5.0 oz/yd2
Metric: 170 g/m2

Finished Coated Weight


Standard: 20.0 oz/yd2 +2/-1 oz/yd2)
Metric: 678 g/m2 (+70/-35 g/m2)

Grab Tensile


Standard: 375/325 lb
Metric: 1669/1446 N

Strip Tensile

ASTM D751 Procedure B

Standard: 300/275 lb/in
Metric: 263/241 daN/5 cm


ASTM D751 Dielectric Weld

Standard: 10 lb/in
Metric: 9 daN/5 cm

Hydrostatic Resistance

ASTM D751 Procedure A

Standard: 500 psi
Metric: 3.45 MPa

Low Temperature - LTC

ASTM D2136 (1/8” mandrel, 4 hr)

Standard: Pass @ -40° F
Metric: Pass @ -40° C

Flame Resistance

Meets NFPA 701; FED-STD-191 Method 5903 – 2 second flameout;
ASTM 6413-13 - 2 second flameout; 

Light Transmission

Visible light transmission (400nm to 700nm): 64%
UV light transmission (360nm to 400nm): less than 6%

UV Resistance

Material tested to ASTM G155 Xenon Weatherometer for 10,000 hours;
measured color change of less than Delta E of 5.0 after weathering.


Light Transmission

3820 hlt-1

Average Light Transmission over Visible Light Spectrum (400-700 nm) is 64%
UV Light Transmission (360-400 nm) is less than 6.0%