Shelter-Rite® Announces New      High Light Transmission (HLT) Architectural Fabric

Frank Bradenburg on Oct 5, 2022 10:39:39 AM

Wooster, OH - [October 2022] 

Seaman Corporation announces the introduction of several new products to their Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabric product line.

A new Shelter-Rite® High Light Transmission architectural fabric using transparent Tedlar® PVF film. This new architectural fabric is ideal for structures that require natural light such as sports arenas, event venues, greenhouses, and more.

The Shelter-Rite HLT products are available in a number of different strengths/weights and have light transmission values ranging from 50% to 65% light transmission (diffused light).

In addition to the high light transmission, the Shelter Rite HLT products are protected with DuPont Clear Tedlar film, that blocks UV light and provides self-cleaning properties. With excellent weatherability and dirt-shedding properties, Tedlar® preserves the life and aesthetics of architectural fabric structures even in extremely harsh environments. It provides high levels of protection against ultraviolet (UV) light, moisture, rain, and pollution.

Tedlar-SeamanCorp Roof Pic

“Our new Shelter-Rite® High Light Transmission fabric is just the latest in a long history of providing best-in-class architectural fabric,” said Frank Bradenburg, Business Director of Architectural Fabrics, Seaman Corporation. “With the added protection of Tedlar®, our customers know that their fabric structure will perform and look new for years.”

The Shelter-Rite HLT products will carry a 15 year to 20 year warranty.

Potential applications for the Shelter-Rite HLT products include:

Air Supported Structures; skylights or complete buildings for sports activities and seasonal buildings.

Pre-Engineered Frame Structures; skylights or sidewalls for sporting activities, light manufacturing, warehousing, office space.

Custom Designed Tension Structures; canopies, amphitheaters, stadiums.

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