Product Changes Yield Better Fabric for Blackout, Opaque Fabric Needs

Frank Bradenburg on Jan 9, 2019 9:10:09 AM

titansShelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics has undertaken a significant enhancement by updating its Styles 8028 and 9032 opaque fabrics with Acrylic, PVDF top finishes, and Tedlar® film, revolutionizing the landscape of architectural fabric solutions.

This transformative change involves the removal of the black PVC back-coat layer, with opacity now achieved through the application of a black adhesive coat to the base fabric.

Advantages of the new material include:

  • Still maintaining 99+% sunlight-blocking capacity
  • Still blocking all UV light
  • Same 20-year warranty on styles 8028 and 9032 white with top finishes
  • Same 20-year warranty on styles 8028 and 9032 with Tedlar film
  • Reduced weight of the finished product; 8028 W/OPM/W will now be 28 oz./sq. yd. versus 32 to 34 oz./sq. yd. on the old material
  • Easier to handle and ship because of the reduced weight
  • Less or no black compound flow-out at the weld lines; better aesthetics on the final structure

Additionally, the material transformation ensures a more streamlined aesthetic appeal by minimizing or eliminating black compound flow-out at the weld lines, resulting in a visually refined final structure. Shelter-Rite remains adaptable to customer preferences, offering the option to produce opaque fabric styles 8028 and 9032 with the traditional "blackout layer" if required.

Durable, cost-effective, and versatile, architectural fabrics have proven indispensable across diverse structures, safeguarding people and equipment from the elements in various environments. With this strategic update, Shelter-Rite continues to exemplify its commitment to innovation, durability, and aesthetic refinement in the realm of architectural fabric solutions. The evolution of Styles 8028 and 9032 marks a pivotal step forward in meeting the evolving needs of modern construction and design.

To learn more about Shelter-Rite’s updated opaque fabrics, or to speak with an expert about how to choose the right architectural fabric top finish for your job, contact us today.

Seaman Corporation, manufactures Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics. Made in the USA,  Shelter-Rite® leads the industry in modern materials and methods, producing high performance architectural fabrics for over 70 years. A vertically integrated company, Seaman Corporation develops proprietary formulations, knits, weaves, and coats fabric in two Wooster, OH and Bristol, TN.

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