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Walkway is Welcome Addition to New Rail Network Station

Shelter-Rite on Mar 1, 2016 2:32:53 PM

This design provides for an attractive integration between the membrane and the other materials, including steel work, glass blocks and precast walls.

Nerang_Railway_Station.jpgPROJECT DETAILS:

Client: Nerang Railway Station
Fabric: Shelter-Rite Style 8032 architectural fabric MW fluoropolymer by Seaman Corporation
Project Manager: T.F. Woollam
Designer: K.V. Lambert at VESL Tension Span
Fabrication and Installation: VESL Tension Span


Shelter-Rite® architectural fabric, a product of Seaman Corporation, takes center stage in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the Nerang Railway Station, a vital hub along the electrified rail network connecting Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The tension membrane structure, a testament to innovative design, consists of two identical fan-shaped structures strategically placed to provide shade for passenger access areas on both the east and west sides of the station. The membranes are artfully bordered by arch curves on all sides—two horizontal and two vertical—introducing modern, ambient light into the entryway.

The execution of this visionary design was entrusted to VESL Tension Span, who not only conceptualized, but also expertly installed the tension membrane systems. Seaman's MW fluoropolymer coated architectural fabric, renowned for its durability and self-cleaning surface, was the material of choice. The fabric ensures that the structure remains pristine even in the challenging environment of a transport interchange, where dirt and fumes are prevalent.

Beyond its protective function, the membrane serves as a source of high-quality, evenly filtered light in the passenger access areas, facilitating a seamless transition from the darker underground spaces. This thoughtful design consideration enhances the overall passenger experience.

Moreover, the architectural fabric plays a pivotal role in achieving an aesthetically pleasing integration with other materials used in the structure, including steelwork, glass blocks, and precast walls. The result is not just a sheltered walkway but a visually cohesive and architecturally harmonious space that seamlessly blends innovative design with practical functionality.

In conclusion, Shelter-Rite architectural fabric proves instrumental in elevating the Nerang Railway Station, not just as a transit hub but as a symbol of thoughtful design, durability, and aesthetic refinement. The project stands as a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of Shelter-Rite fabrics in creating visually striking and enduring architectural solutions.


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