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Shelter-Rite® Provides Long-Term Solution for Knoxville Church

Shelter-Rite on Mar 1, 2016 9:46:07 PM

The overall design of the facility incorporates sharp differences within the same building envelope.

Northstar_Church.jpgPROJECT DETAILS:

Fabric: Shelter-Rite Style 8028 MW fluoropolymer coated, Dacron polyester reinforced PVC fabric by Seaman Corporation


With a growing congregation, NorthStar Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, needed a bigger facility to accommodate its worship needs. They chose to build an architectural frame structure, protected by Seaman Corporation's Shelter-Rite fabric.

Scott Cagle, senior pastor at NorthStar Church, commented on the committee's decision for the new facility. "We want to be good stewards financially, but affordability isn't the only advantage this type of structure offers," he said.

Brian Lawhorn, administrator and facilities manager at the church, had previously been exposed to the benefits of frame structures and Seaman Corporation's architectural fabrics on another similar project. This type of facility presented the church with a perfect solution for their current needs, and also met the committee's highest priorities: favorable construction value, low maintenance requirements, longevity and positive aesthetic appeal.

Local signage limitations posed restraint on the décor for the building façade. Shelter-Rite fabrics are available in a multitude of colors, which gave the congregation the opportunity to design a structure with unique aesthetic appeal, while still meeting local zoning requirements.


The overall design of the facility incorporates sharp differences within the same building envelope. Cagle attributes the substantial increase in emails, calls and website hits to the building's unique design and the attractive green and white fabric that covers the facility.

The footprint of NorthStar's new frame structure is about 19,000 square feet. The front entrance greets visitors in a spacious foyer. A portion of the roof of the foyer is comprised of a translucent version of Seaman Corporation's Shelter Rite 9319 fabric, allowing natural light to enter the building. The building's worship room is a large, round area, with a capacity to seat 750 people. The ribs of the walls surrounding the ­worship room converge at the apex of the ceiling. The other end of the building, which houses classrooms and offices, is designed for standard offices with customary ceilings.

The fabric shell of the building is made from Seaman Corporation's Shelter-Rite style 9319 membrane in Mediterranean Olive and Bright White, with a fluoropolymer top finish. The application of the sealing top-finish over the polymer coating gives the product its cleanability feature and allows for a wide selection of fabric colors. This fluoropolymer top finish also provides maximum life, minimum ­maintenance and sets the industry standard for long-term color ­retention.

For more than 40 years, Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics have provided a lightweight, durable, economic and aesthetically unique alternative to traditional building solutions. Seaman Corporation manufactures the fabric at its plant in Wooster, Ohio. The Shelter-Rite product is a proven proprietary formula coupled with a unique weft inserted knit fabric that provides superior tensile, tear and seam strength. Shelter-Rite fabrics are UV and mildew resistant for longer-term performance. Shelter-Rite fabrics meet all applicable fire codes, including California State Fire Marshal requirements and NFPA 701.

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