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Shelter-Rite Provides Protection From Frigid Minnesota Temps

Shelter-Rite on Mar 5, 2019 8:38:00 AM

Shelter-Rite® provides protection from frigid Minnesota temps.

Chaska Multi-Sport DomePROJECT DETAILS

Client: Eastern Carver County Schools, Chaska, MN
Fabric: 8028 FRLTC DC6 BWTLE
Top Finish: Tedlar
Installed: 2017
Dimensions: 231’ x 451’
Fabrication and Installation: Yeadon Domes

Project Story:

From November to March, the average daily high temperature in Chaska, MN, is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

During that time, outside activities aren’t much of an option.

That was especially the case for Chaska Middle School East and its approximately 750 students, who only had one gym for physical education classes.

That changed in 2017 when a 104,000-square-foot multi-sport dome was constructed for Eastern Carver County Schools. The dome is also rented after school hours to community education groups and many local sports groups.

Using Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics’ 8028 FRLTC DC6 BWTLE, the structure was designed and built by Yeadon Domes, located in nearby Minneapolis. With decades of dome-building expertise, Yeadon Domes incorporates the latest innovations in design, anchoring and mechanical and electrical systems to provide the ultimate in efficiency, safety and comfort for every air dome.

Adjacent buildings rest to the north and south sides of the dome—one that houses dome materials during the summer months and one that serves as the main entrance to the arena.

During daylight hours, the need for artificial lighting is minimal thanks to the soft lighting that flows into the building through the white fabric. Additionally, the dome has approximately 115 hanging LED fixtures that bounce energy-efficient light upwards off the dome material to reflect onto the field.

The dome incorporates an inner thermal/acoustical liner that provides improved insulating properties.

Innovative anchoring technologies, as well as advanced mechanical and electrical control systems, combine with the rugged durability and attractive appearance of the Shelter-Rite architectural fabric to deliver an attractive, functional facility with a long lifespan.

For over 40 years, Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics have been engineered with a proprietary coating formula for superior UV and mildew resistance, and unique weft-inserted knit fabric that provides excellent tensile, tear and seam strength. This time-tested technology has resulted in architectural structures that maintain long-lasting aesthetics.

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