Proven Long-Term Performance

For over 50 years, Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics have been engineered with a proprietary coating formula for superior UV and mildew resistance, and unique weft inserted knit fabric that provides excellent tensile, tear and seam strength. This time-tested technology has resulted in architectural structures that withstand years of exposure to harsh environments.

Fabric Layer

Feature: Unique weft inserted knit polyester design

Benefit: Superior tensile and tear resistance at a lighter weight compared to woven alternatives, while providing consistent stretch

Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics Cross Section

Adhesive Coat

Feature: Unique polymeric adhesive coat encapsulates the yarns, forming a molecular bond between the base fabric and exterior coating compound

Benefit: Maximizes peel resistance and seam strength, and prevents wicking. A superior static load at elevated temperatures

Opaque Coat (optional)

Feature: More uniform thickness for superior blackout properties

Benefit: Further blocks damaging UV rays, reducing heat and solar gain

Back Coat

Feature: Superior mildew resistant formulation; Unique continuous film

Benefit: Extended life and long-term aesthetics; Reduced permeation

Face Coat

Feature: Over 40 year proven proprietary formula

Benefit: Superior UV protection and color stability, and long-term performance

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